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Sale of member's interest in Close Corporation
With the "sale" of immovable property as "being held in a Close Corporation" the idea is that the property is not sold "out" of the entity, but the property rather "change hands" with the current members now being replaced by new ones. This sale of member's interests in Close Corporation, in order to become "owner of the property", is rather popular in Namibia as it does not attract transfer duty or any other significant costs.
This calculator therefore allows you to determine the costs associated with the purchase of member's interest in a close corporation which is the registered owner of a property. This calculator is concerned with calculating transfer fee only, excluding additional legal work like contracts, or valuation or bond fees connected with the sale. It does also not take in consideration future rates and taxes, Body Corporate levies or stamp duties that may be charged in respect of transfer or issuance of a certificate representing an interest in a marketable security.

To calculate costs generally associated with sale & tranfer of members's interest:
Type in the amount which is to be paid to acquire the member's interest.

Scroll down and press calculate.

Purchase Price