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THE AMENDMENT OF THE DEEDS REGISTRIES REGULATIONS WITH REGARDS TO PRESCRIBED FEES AS PROMULGATED IN GOVERNMENT GAZETTE No. 7085 DATED 30 DECEMBER 2019 - EFFECTIVE AS FROM 31 JANUARY 2020. The Transfer Calculator allows you to determine the costs associated with the purchase and registration of property. Transfer cost would include deeds office fees, duties and taxes as well as attorney's transfer fees. This Transfer Calculator is concerned with calculating transfer costs only, excluding additional legal work as well as valuation fees. Transfer costs together with future rates and taxes are often overlooked by the purchaser when buying a property.

To calculate Full Title Transfer Registration Costs:
Type in the purchase price of the property, scroll down to the second column to indicate whether the purchaser is a natural person/individual or a corporate entity (company, close corporation or trust).

Scroll down and press calculate.

Purchase Price

The below Bond Calculator allows you to determine the costs associated the registration of the home loan/mortgage. It would include duties, deeds office fees as well as attorney's bond registration fees and possible admin or bank fees. These costs are often overlooked when purchasing a property and should be taken into account when assessing your affordability to make sure you aren't in for any surprises. The Bond Calculator however will not include possible valuation or initiation fees.

To calculate Full Title Bond Registration Costs:
Type in the actual bond amount (purchase price minus any deposits).

Scroll down and press calculate.

Bond Amount