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In Namibia there is no such thing as the wrong time for real estate investment. There will always be something available if you really put your time into it.

Should you decide to purchase a new home; remember not to commit to another property or deal until you have consulted with your conveyancer.

There are many pitfalls - for instance:

By making the sale of your existing property a suspensive condition to the contract, it means that the contract of sale of the new house would be subject to the prior sale on or before a specific date. Problems often arise when a purchaser depends on the proceeds of the sale of his property, but has not inserted a “subject to” condition into the contract of the property he/she is buying. This means that the agreement is not conditional on the sale of the existing property and you cannot get out of the transaction if your house is not sold, or if there is a delay in the transfer. Therefore, if you first need to sell your current property before you can buy another, it is good idea to first put your current property in market and find a purchaser before committing to another deal.