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Real Estate in Namibia

Real estate in Namibia covers a vast range of properties including residential properties, lodges and resorts, hotels, farms, and seaside properties. They range from affordable to luxury properties. Part of the economical attraction of owning property in Namibia is the fact that property values (capital growth) remains steady. Property can be registered in the name of a private person as well is in the name of legal entities like corporations and companies.


To the surprise of many developed countries, Namibia has one of the worlds most advanced and secure property registration systems in the world. Our registration is done by a conveyancing attorney who follows strict guidelines with a high degree of certainty in regard to the ownership of property, specifically as it pertains to the detail of present and past owners, purchase price, details of the property, limitations of ownership and possible encumbrances. The system is one of registration of title as opposed to a system of registration of deeds. This security of title is the result of the respective responsibilities carried out by professional land surveyors, the deeds registry and independent attorneys. These strict legal requirements ensure that the purchaser is assured that the correct property is transferred to him, that it is free of any encumbrance pertaining to a previous owner, i.e. the previous bond is cancelled and a clearance certificate confirming payment of all rates and taxes levied on the property, have been fully paid prior to transfer of the property in the name of the new owner.



Becoming a property owner in Namibia is a very exciting event, but it may come with many questions and procedures that are unfamiliar to first time homeowners. Hopefully after reading this introduction you will have a better understanding of what to expect and how to go about buying your home.

Although a relatively easy procedure, for most of us buying or selling a house means dealing with a large investment and probably the biggest financial commitment we will ever be involved in. It requires careful consideration and planning to avoid pitfalls. The uncertainty that goes with the many issues that need to fall in place makes it difficult to take those first steps.

It is recommended that you consult us before you even start with the process. We will be able to explain the process of financing and transfer of property.