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How does one become a registered Estate Agent in Namibia?

As regulated by Government Notice R 1409; persons who wish to write The Boards’ qualifying examination to become estate agents in Namibia need to apply to The Namibia Estate Agent's Board. Since incomplete or incorrectly completed applications will be returned by the Board, candidates should ensure that all necessary particulars are provided. Applications must reach The Board at least 4 weeks prior to the scheduled examination date. These dates and venues are normally announced well in advance by ways of advertising in local newspapers. 
The prescribed examination fee as well as a copy of the candidate’s Identification Document should also accompany the application. Once registered, candidates will receive an examination number by return mail. This letter should also be taken to the examinations the day of writing so that examiners can verify on their records.

To prepare for the examinations, candidates need to obtain a comprehensive study guide from The Board as well as a copy of the Estate Agency Affairs Act, 112/1976 ("the Act")”.
To pass the examination, candidates need to obtain at least 50%.


The Board can be contacted at:

7 Hahneman Street, Windhoek Wes, Windhoek

Telephone: 061 - 249885

Fax: 061- 234709

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The Examination is a combination of:
1.  Multiple choice questions; and
2.  A case/scenario from which candidates have to draft and execute a valid contract (complete with signatures and initials where required).

Normally examination results will be available 4 to 6 weeks after the date thereof.

For any more information regarding the process and exams you need to contact The Board office.


Training for estate agents in Namibia

Many people are interested in joining the estate agents’ profession but quickly reconsider when they look at the conditions under which they will work for the first year or so and soon walk away from the real estate industry. Some agents on the other hand enter the industry with few or no formal training - only to face a long, lonely road ahead. Fortunately there are such training programs in Namibia to encourage and equip newly qualified agents into the profession and to assist them with training.

It is one of the primary objectives of these programs, in conjunction with the Association of Estate Agents in Namibia to educate estate agents with meaningful literature, seminars and training methods.