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NRE is a complete property hub for ALL your real estate needs in Namibia.

A Real Estate transaction can be a long, complicated and frightening process, and it is important to be prepared. Knowledge is power when it comes to negotiating in the difficult world of home prices, interest rates, costs and mortgage loans.

We can assist not only in buying and selling of your property but also in the transfer and registration process - and even to work out your budget!

As an online real estate centre we have plenty of informative articles where you can read up on important real estate facts and details. Virtually everything you need to know before entering into a transaction - including Sales Agreements.


Our unique calculators further allow you to determine the exact costs associated with the purchase and registration of property and related transactions. Transfer costs together with future rates and taxes and Body Corporate Levies, are often overlooked by the purchaser when buying a property.


If what you want is direct access to real estate related information, listings and property searches; NRE is the site for you. We have all the services to guide you through the most difficult decisions from buying, selling or renting your property.


We are experts in the Namibian property market with years of experience.

NRE was compiled and made possible by the professionals involved in the sponsor organisations on this web site. The aim is to encourage real estate investment and to provide consumers with free information; products and services in order to better equip them for potential transactions.

We make it simple & easy for you to:
- Search for your next home;
- Calculate costs involved in transactions;
- Calculate stamps on lease agreements;
- Read Real Estate articles;
- Obtain much needed information.


For Buyers:

You can, in the luxury of your own home, browse through these property listings in order to make comparisons and informed decisions

You can search for real estate in your area by clicking the “Property Search” button; you can also narrow your real estate search even further by searching in the city of your choice. You can also click on the 'View All Properties" button to search all of the properties listed on the site.

Buyers can search by feature, area, size, price, you name it! Simple & easy.

Start searching right away by typing in searches in the “Quick Search” box. Browse through properties and listings to make comparisons and informed decisions

For Sellers:

Namibia Real Estate offers a unique opportunity to sell properties in Namibia:

As all our clients and our properties have individual requirements we aim to meet this with a personalised and professional approach to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

E-mail us with your request or property related enquiry.

Our mission is to build the largest and most productively successful real estate web site in Namibia. To constantly improve the usability of the site, we'd sincerely appreciate your genuine feedback. If something is not working or doesn't make sense, please let us know.